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Yavor Sang Golpayegan Group of Factories and Mines

Yavor Sang Golpa Mining Company, under the management of Mr. Mirza Ismail Yavari, started its activity in Isfahan province in 2012 with the establishment and operation of Godarsorkh, Lai Beed, Tajare and Shurab Mimeh mines in the field of production of all kinds of porcelain. Rock, crystal , And Travertine and black marble have worked.

Currently, this production complex with two travertine and marble quarries and two stone processing and weaving factories, 60 people directly and nearly 300 people work indirectly in the field of providing and producing facade stone with the best quality and price. . . It is suitable for the stone industry of our beloved country, Iran.

The second phase of the stone processing plant

In 1385, this company started and opened a Coop stone processing factory in Golpayegan, and in 1395, it opened the first modern factory in the west of Isfahan province, in Golpayegan city, using modern technology.

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